Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Welcome to my blogspot, and thank you for considering CheckMate Masonry for your outdoor project.

I have 17 years experience now as a patio installer and a brick mason.

If you are looking to add masonry materials to your back yard, you should contact a masonry specialist...Landscapers cut grass and plant flowers, but if you need a hard-scape in your back yard, then you have taken the first step to getting a professional job at a very low price...

You wouldn't call a plumber to fix your light switch, so why would you call a landscaper to build a masonry wall or lay down a masonry walkway?

All Patios and Fireplaces that are featured here were designed by myself and the various homeowners that have requested my services.

I have personally constructed everything that you see on this site with the help of one other person as labor help.

If you desire a patio or fireplace or just a small outdoor fire pit, you can be assured that you will dealt with on a personal and professional basis, and we can design your outdoor living space to your standards without the high price of an architect. After all only YOU know what you really want, and you will not find a lower price anywhere!

So, Give me a call and turn your back yard into a gathering spot that your neighbors and family will envy..........

Just don't tell them that I practically gave it to you!

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